What is this music? A set of visions, a combination of sounds from all over the world, worked out in a personal way by two musicians. Composer R.M.Spiritini and pecussion player Francesco "Sbibu" Sguazzabia started a collaboration in 1993 and today again they joint for a new project. The songs included in this album have been written from 2012 to 2014 by Riccardo Massari Spiritini; enhanced with percussion lines by Sbibu lo Stregone and in conjunction with improvised duets (percussion and tarcordium, an invented instrument) they form here a set of so called Visions, A Cycle Of Visions. Part of the material of this album was recorded live in Italy, other material was recorded at R.M.S. Studio in Barcelona.
Don't forget to read the LYRICS of these songs, published here on this site! Enjoy!


released October 10, 2014

Riccardo Massari Spiritini: voice, tarcordium, synthesizers,
Sbibu lo Stregone: percussions, add. voices
guest: Marco Pasetto , clarinet on #3
mastering: Enrico Terragnoli
Cover image art-work by Sbibu lo Stregone
music composition and lyrics by Riccardo Massari Spiritini©2014



all rights reserved


TARKAMPA Barcelona, Spain

TARKAMPA is an alternative electronic rock band, active since 2010 , founded by the Italian composer & musician Riccardo Massari Spiritini. The roots of this music may be found in the European Kraut Rock, in some ethnic music, in the latest alternative rock, in improvised music, electronic soundscapes, and finally even in Early Music. ... more

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Track Name: dreamland
Sleep my son
dream my son
fly, over the rainbows
Fly, over the seas

Tell me what you see
Into the Dream Land
tell me what you see

Fly, my son, into the Dream Land
tell me what you see
here is mostly pain
here is mostly darkness
Fly on my son… dream… dream…
Track Name: a piece of real
Every time you try
to understand why
flipping the pages of a book

Every time you try
to fix a moving spot
in the air
a falling leave
a flying bird

Every time
you try to say a word
she has already said

You are missing
a piece of real
Track Name: cycle of ten
...drop, flower,mud, stone, sand,
wind, steam, rain, soil, seed…
Track Name: anima
I have come from a distant land
and one day I'll return there, again
I have come here on the sea
and I sail on not for a long

The ship goes up and down
on calm waves, or into the storm

The day I  will arrive, I will meet again
with ancestors and future astronauts
with unfulfilled thoughts, blossoms and gems
and faded flowers

The day I will arrive I  will melt again
with the water of all the fountains
the tears of all the children we have been
and we'll come back again.
In the infinite skies I'll be atomized
with  possible colors and flower-dust

unfulfilled thoughts, unfulfilled thoughts
Track Name: vision
Feel the Sky, feel the Flight
touch the Steams, see the Bright
Touch the Seas, Rise, Fall and Rise

Feel the Air, Rain will fall
Feel the Wind, on your Skin
Move your Arms, Wings of Light
cross the Spaces, out of Times
Track Name: paramahansa
I asked to my Master
what is inside and what is outside

I asked to my Master
What is body and what is soul
And he said: " there is nothing really nothing you may know"

I asked to my Master what is after and what is before,
what is war and what is peace
I asked to my Master What is male and what is female
And He said: "there is nothing really nothing you may know,
Being is anywhere"
Track Name: presenze
Siamo ciò che non siamo
ci precede l'anima inappagata
e ci cambia come ad ogni sguardo
il mondo si rinnova

Siamo ciò che vogliamo
e ieri é un'ombra
che i passi allungan nella corsa
raggio qui cade solo
sull'ara del domani

Desiderio d'amore, e di sapere
é amore e scienza
e un'onda non é un'onda
ma l'irruenza di giungere a una meta

Desiderio d'amore , e di sapere…
e fuoco non é fiamma
ma vita che brucia
per ritornare ancora

Siamo, come passiamo
un guizzo un gioco
come manchiamo
ogn'ora un poco.

(Massimo Spiritini, 1948)